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I love colors and their interplay. They must play up to each other and challenge the composition of norms, rather than simply matching. A painting must 'fit in', but more importantly it gives a feeling of warmth and comfort, and forever gives the viewer new angles and experiences.


In my paintings, I primarily depict people, the family and the relationship, in a multitude of colors and contrasts, where rules and norms for color composition and the design of people do not exist. 

Based on sketches, of the motifs I want to depict, I work from one layer, and deeper into the motif. I have a central focus on the sound of the colors, and consciously seek to leave the image as open as possible, in order to preserve the life that lies in the expressive strokes.


I am self-taught and have been painting for over 20 years. In that time it has turned into quite a few exhibitions at fairs, in art associations, public institutions and galleries. 


I am a member of the Art Collection and Nordic Art, and collaborate with ArtQueen in Sweden.

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